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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

APC StructureWare

Enterprise: Enterprise-wide resource planning and management. Executives can evaluate energy, track carbon footprint; and monitor energy markets to drive sustainability strategy effectively.

Operations: Multi-site analysis of energy, operations, and assets. Managers can aggregate, analyze, and report on financial and operational data from a single site or company-wide.

Control: Facility-level management of systems, devices, and processes. On-site managers and operators can control power and processes down to the device level, preventing business disruptions and disturbances.

Management Software Services: Get IT right the first time. Simplify your deployment with our proven set of standardized software services designed to install, configure, integrate, and educate.

A comprehensive suite of modular and integrated software tools

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Monitoring and Control

StruxureWare Data Center Expert


End to end data center infrastructure management software for
monitoring and control of power, cooling, security and energy usage from
the building through IT systems

Whether located in a data center, remote office, or campus environment, Data Center Expert and the Schneider Electric power, cooling, environmental, and security devices combine to provide a comprehensive centralized monitoring solution. With Data Center Expert power readings, environmental readings and camera images from any site on your network are tied in together into a common management platform. Images and alerts from around the company can be instantly viewed and managed, trends analyzed, and problems averted, providing unparalleled physical threat management. 

APC Software Services
Software Operations

StructureWare Data Center Operations

Instant overview of data center operations through inventory management, PUE calculator, real-time device alarms, and location-based drill-down.

Data Center Operation Capacity

Infrastructure capacity planning and optimization via shared data center model.

Data Center Operation Cooling Optimization

Dynamically eliminates hot spots and saves energy through intelligent cooling control.

Data Center Operation IT Optimization

Reduce IT system energy usage through in-depth optimization of server utilization for increased data center performance.

Data Center Operation Server Access

Full server lifecycle access and power cycling for remote management.

Data Center Operation Change

Workflow management allows for easily tracking and executing moves, adds and changes of equipment in the data center.

Data Center Operation Energy Efficiency

Full insight into energy usage costs as well as current & historical energy efficiency analysis for the facility, identifying efficiency losses and enabling improved PUE/DCiE values at subsystem level.

APC Software Services
Software Services

Software Installation

Installation and registration of your newly purchased StruxureWare Data Center Software in accordance to manufacturer specification fulfilled by highly skilled field service engineers.

Software Configuration

Ensuring the most value for your new investment in a StruxureWare Data Center Management Software product by quickly and precisely configuring the system

Software Integration

Provide planning, design and project management for the integration of a Schneider Electric management software product into your existing enterprise data center software or system

Software Education

Get the most from your investment by learning operational skills and best practices for your configured data center software solution

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StructureWare Portal



Provides transparency to data center key performance indicators and business metrics.

The StruxureWare Portal provides transparency to data center key performance indicators and business metrics, displaying customizable information for a high-level overview of data center operations. The Portal makes it easy to share information. It providing a shared platform and bridging the gap between Facitlities, IT and the C-level stakeholders. The StruxureWare Portal is configured via a choice of predefined or custom portlets, through an integrated, easy-to-use configurator, and assists in easily adding interactive charts and graphs to the display. Built on an open platform, the user-friendly interface allows anyone to quickly configure a dashboard showing key information. The open source environment, based on the Liferay platform, provides the option to display web content and metrics from several applications.

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