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APC Life Clyle Management
Data Center Life Cycle Management

A good design alone does not ensure a data
center is well-built and will remain efficient and available over the course of its life span. For each phase of the data center’s life cycle, proper care and action must be taken to continuously meet the business needs of the facility. 

Plan​ - Simplify the planning of your data center physical infrastructure.

Design - Develop a data center design that meets your reliability, flexibility and scalability objectives.

Build - Let experienced project management resources coordinate installation through integration to finish on time and on budget.

Operate- Let our experts design your maintenance plans and operation processes.

Asses - Learn how to reduce energy consumption and ensure availability of data centers and large network sites.

APC Life Cycle Services Brochure
Link To APC Life Cycle Management
APC Cooling Power Maintenance
Cooling and Power Services

Let Wagner helps you maximize your installation’s up time and control your capital expenditures through proactive maintainance services and facility operation services.

  • Vendor Management Services

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Managed Maintenance Services

  • Facility Operations

  • Extended Warranties

  • Service Plans

  • Battery Replacement Services

  • StruxureOn Monitoring Service

APC Cooling and Power Services Brochure
Link To APC Cooling and Power Services
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