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Fabric Duct, Sensors and Accesories
Fabric Air Fabric Duct Logo Logo

Products: Fabric duct systems made of permeable and non-permeable fabric. Available in round and half round with a variety of materials, suspension options, discharge nozzles and colors.

Application: Food industries, sporting facilities, pools, industrial facilities, retail and medical facilities.

ACME Enginneering Products Gas Detectors Logo

Products: Gas detection system for refrigerant, ammonia, CO, CO2, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide,  NO2, O2, chlorine and sulfure dioxide. System available in stand alone, multi-gas multi-location  and wireless configurations.

Application: HVAC, parking garages, waste water treatment plant, steel mills, food process, bus garages, tunnels, and laboratories

Pate Company Equipment Rails Logo

Products: Roof curbs, equipment rails, metal building products, pipe and duct supports, pipe penetration products,  seismic and vibration isolation and hatches.

BLC Industries Commercial Filters Logo Logo

Products: Filter frames and housing, auto roll filter systems, oil and water mist eliminators, HEPA filters, replacement filters Including: pad, metal, roll media, bag, ESR cell, HEPA and MS cell.

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