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Custom Coils and Plate Heat Exchangers
RAE Custom Replacement Coils

Products: Custom booster, fluid, steam, industrial, evaporator and condenser coils
Size Range: A complete variety of dimensions, Rows and Fin/in to match any application.
Features/Options: Copper, stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel tube construction; UV Light.

Aerofin Industrial Coils logo

Products: Industrial fin tubed coils, process gas heaters and coolers, transformer oil coolers, 
Intergral face and bypass coils.
Features/Options: Transferring heat from special gas streams and fluids, Problem solving for corrosion and contamination, Handling extremes in pressures and temperatures.
Applications: HVAC, fossil fuel power generation, nuclear power generation, industrial processes, pulp and paper, automotive and petrochemical.

Polaris Heat Exchanger Logo

Products: Heat exchangers: plate and frame, braze plate, double wall plate, welded plate, wide gap plate.
Applications: HVAC, food processing, breweries, marine, manufacturing and Industrial.

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