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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
Carel Commercial Humdifier Logo

Products: Electric and gas steam humidifiers, steam distributors, atomizing  humidifiers, multi zone   compressed air atomizing humidifiers, ultrasound  humidifiers, centrifugal humidifiers.
Features/Options: Easy to use, fast maintenance, precision, energy efficient, self cleaning 
Applications: Office buildings, hospitals, libraries, museums, pharmaceutical, data centers, hotels, food industries, paper and printing and timber industry.
Size Range: 3 to 500 lbs/hr Humidifiers and 44 to 2420 lbs/hr Steam Distributors.

Dehumidifier Corporation of America

Products: Industrial and pool dehumidifiers.      
Features/Options: Remote condensers, low ambient controls, add on duct heaters   

Applications:  Hotel/Hospitality pools, residential pools, therapy pools, commercial industrial dehumdificatier, 100% outside dehumidifiers, indoor grow houses. Size

Range:  6.9 to 185 lbs/hr Moister Removal.

EBAC  Logo

Products: Floor, ceiling and duct mount dehumidifiers, portable dehumidifiers and desiccant dryers.  
Features/Options: Epoxy coating, condensate pumps, remote blue tooth controls, defrost timer, humidistats.
Applications: HVAC, swimming pools, crawl spaces, offices, laboratories, apartments, storage areas, restaurants, bars, museums, locker rooms, computer, telecommunication rooms and basements.
Size Range: 17 to 485 pint per day (ppd).

Climate by Design Logo

Products: Indoor and outdoor desiccant dehumidifiers.
Size Range: 15 to 1,400 lbs-H20/hr , 500 to 47,000 cfm.
Applications: Schools, hotels, commercial building, WTP, cold storage loading docks, archival storage, green houses growing rooms, pharmaceutical, surgical suites, museums, and food production.

Products: Indirect fired 100% MUA to 100% recirculating units, direct fired units, air  rotations units, duct furnaces, electric heat units, st

Applications: Commerical and industrial heat and cooling, building pressurization, MUA, door heats, warehouse and large area heating and cooling.
Size Range: 

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