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Chillers, Fiber Glass Cooling Towers, Pump Tanks and Fluid Coolers
Thermal Care Chillers Cooling Tower Logo

Products: Indoor and outdoor process chillers, pump tanks, fiberglass cooling towers,  portable chillers.

Size Range: Cooling Towers: 38 to 240 Tons; Chillers: 10 to 800 Tons.
Features/Options: Centrifugal, rotary screw and scroll compressors.
Applications: HVAC, food and beverage, die casting, plating, heat treating, optical, cutting, plastics and welding machines, chemical and pharmiceutical.

Drake Refrigeration Chillers Logo

Products: process chillers: packaged air Cooled, packaged water cooled and split system air cooled
Size Range: 1/4 HP to 200HP in a single circuit, dual circuit and even dual circuit tandem arrangements.
Applications: HVAC, food and beverage, brewery, dairy, medical, low temp and industrial.

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